Top Tips - Life in Cyprus

Top tips for your posting to Cyprus

This is a great overseas posting and Cyprus offers many fantastic opportunities to explore. Come with an open mind and you will enjoy yourself!

  1. Planning to work while in Cyprus? Make sure you pack your original education certificates. Contact for updates of all job vacancies on the island.
  2. On average, families report spending up to €2000 in the first few weeks of arriving in BFC on items such as a new car, telephone/internet installation, and garden furniture to name a few; your soldier can arrange an advance of pay via your Unit Admin Office, if needed. Also, bring your UK cheque book to enable you to cash cheques on arrival.
  3. Are you giving up a job to join your serving spouse on an overseas posting? Make sure you claim Jobseeker’s Allowance. Click here for more information.
  4. If you require regular medication ensure that the Medical Centres in BFC are aware of this before you arrive.
  5. Don’t forget to bring some warmer clothes. You may need jeans and a fleece in November/December or if you are in the Troodos mountains.
  6. Start Christmas shopping for larger items on the internet in early October if you want to guarantee delivery.
  7. Clothes-shopping is more expensive in Cyprus and the styles are quite different from the UK. School uniforms and shoes are not readily available and ladies shoes above size UK 7 (EU 41) are difficult to find. Stock up on kids’ essentials such as swimwear, sun hats and glasses (schools have the policy NO HAT NO PLAY!).
  8. Register with your local HIVE for their weekly newsletter with all the latest news and events.
  9. Use your time here to improve your CV. With limited employment opportunities for spouses and dependants this is a great time to learn a new skills. Make the most of all the educational and recreational courses offered here. 
  10. Learn to drive before you come to Cyprus, otherwise you will need to wait six months before you can start lessons here. A car is essential as there is limited public transport.
  11. Before you depart the UK ensure that you are registered to vote from abroad. You can register as a service voter for a period of five years.
  12. Consider keeping a UK bank account open to ensure that you retain a credit history in the UK.
  13. Consider purchasing the Entertainer Book, which is available at all HIVES. This book costs around €35 and contains many vouchers which will ensure that you get discounted entry into many of Cyprus’ top attractions and money off vouchers for lots of restaurants.
  14. Ensure that you read the Staying Healthy in Cyprus booklet –it will give you all the information you need about creepy crawlies and hazards to be aware of.
  15. Get a SIM unlocked phone to bring with you.
  16. Be sure to apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you leave. Visit
  17. All mail is delivered to the unit address through the BFPO system. There are no house deliveries.
  18. Water in your SFA is ok to drink; although, some people choose to hire or purchase water coolers.

When sending mail to Service personnel, use:
Service number
BFPO number

When sending mail to dependants, use:
C/o rank/title/name
Service number
BFPO number

Note: under no circumstances are you to put Cyprus on the address. If you have to put a country in the address, use United Kingdom.

BFPO numbers as follows:

Akrotiri – 57
Ayios Nikolaos – 59
Dhekelia – 58
Episkopi – 53
Nicosia – 567
Troodos – 57

If you require a postcode for online services, the following can be used:

Episkopi – BF1 2AS
Akrotiri – BF1 2AT
Dhekelia – BF1 2AU
Ayios Nikolaos – BF1 2AW

Good to Know… 

  • Your children will automatically be offered a place at an MOD School
  • Your family will automatically get access to medical and dental care at NHS rates
  • Prescriptions are currently FREE
  • You do not need a TV licence here in BFC
  • You can claim National Insurance credits for the time spent overseas accompanying your soldier
  • Schools start at 07:25 – so get used to early starts!

Want to know more? Check out our ‘Preparing to Move’ page for a simple overview of life in Cyprus tailored to you, our Army families. 


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