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Posted to Kenya? Get security savvy


Posted to Kenya? Get security savvy

When you arrive in BATUK, contact BATUK Ops Room (NSG) 0800 722885 to ensure that your family’s names and mobile numbers are on the CC1 text message distribution. This is vitally important and will make certain that you receive the latest security information/instruction as and when applicable.

Out and about in Kenya

Personal travel within Kenya is conducted at your own risk.

You must read the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) travel advice before travelling.

Things to remember

There are a few things you must remember if you plan to venture out of BATUK during your posting:

  • You family must have adequate travel insurance to cover any eventuality and medical emergency
  • You must be in possession of your AAR card (emergency medical cover) or have the number close to hand if you have not been issued one. (0725 225225/0734 225225)
  • Always book out of BATUK Ops Room (NSG) 0800 722885 so that BATUK is aware of your location with an estimated date of return. If travelling on the main supply routes (MSRs) between Nairobi, Nanyuki or Mombasa, book in and out at each end of the journey.

In case of emergency, please contact BATUK Ops Room (NSG) 0800 722885. The BATUK Med and Incident Management Plan is optimised for within Nanyuki, Nairobi (within reason) and the MSR in-between.

If you are elsewhere, BATUK staff will help out where they can but please be aware that outside of BATUK’s sphere of influence, this help may be limited.

Nanyuki after dark

Due to limited street lighting and inadequate roads there is a greatly increased risk to pedestrians of involvement in collisions with vehicles; there is also a countrywide high-risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Do not walk around Nanyuki on foot after dark and ensure you only use recognised taxi drivers.

Members of BATUK are forbidden from using matatus or boba bodas (local minibus or motorbike taxis), and must not travel in taxis alone.

Nanyuki street children

Laikipia County Government are trying to reduce the number of street children begging in Nanyuki and ensure that they attend school and where appropriate are cared for in orphanages; however this difficult as the rewards for begging are significant, particularly in affluent areas like Nanyuki.

Some parents reportedly use their children to supplement their income by begging rather than attend school and many children choose to miss school in order to raise money for themselves, their families or to feed a drug habit.

BATUK families and personnel are a significant part of this problem as the community is seen as a ‘soft touch’, generous and nave when it comes to understanding the value of money in Kenya.

Therefore, you should refrain from giving money, food, drinks or gifts to street children. 

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