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Families' Concerns

AFF publishes Families’ Concerns, a statistical round up of all the issues that are brought to AFF through our Co-ordinators on the ground, our Specialists and we have recently started to capture the work we do in social media. We utilise quantitative analysis to support qualitative reporting and helps us monitor trends. The aim of this report is to inform the chain of command, and local and central Government of the key challenges facing Army families and current and emerging causes of disadvantage. We also share this information with charities that we collaborate and campaign with on specific issues. 

Families' Concerns Jan - Jun 2017
Families' Concerns 2016
Families' Concerns 2015
Families' Concerns Jan - Jun 2015
Families' Concerns 2014
Families' Concerns Jul - Sept 2014
Families' Concerns Apr - Jun 2014
Families' Concerns Jan - Mar 2014
AFF Families’ Concerns 2013

For earlier reports please email AFF Central Office at for a copy.


Annual Report

AFF Annual Report 2016-17
AFF Annual Report 2015/16
AFF Annual Report 2014/15



AFF uses the evidence collected to identify trends and allows us to brief policy makers on the strengths and weaknesses of their policies and the impact that these policies may have inadvertently had on the Service community.

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