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Ebola Guidance for British Soldiers of West African Origin

AFF recognises that some of our families who are of West African origin may have particular concerns regarding the Ebola Virus Disease crisis there. For these families who are planning to return home for leave or R&R in West Africa the leaflet EBOLA GUIDANCE For British Soldiers of West African Origin gives clear and important information for you to follow.


Should my child be vaccinated against Tuberculosis (TB) - BCG?

In the past the BCG vaccine was administered across the UK to secondary school aged children. Today BCG is only provided on the NHS in areas that are deemed high risk. This includes parts of London but also other areas. To see if your child should be receiving the BCG vaccinations please check with your local GP or DPHC medical centre. If you believe your child should receive the BCG vaccination but it is not provided on the NHS in your area please contact Karen Ross at

On the 19th January 2015 Public Health England (PHE) and NHS England announced an 11.5 million investment as part of a joint initiative to reduce TB cases and to eventually eliminate TB as a public health problem in England. They have devised a 10-point action plan, which will include improving access and early diagnosis; better treatment, diagnostic and care services; tackling TB in specific groups and improved screening and treatment of new migrants for latent TB infection.

If you have any queries about your child’s immunisations or vaccinations there is a very informative timeline on the NHS Choices website 

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