Future Accommodation Model (FAM)

FAM team have released some more information for families

The FAM team have released some more information for families, which discusses the updates and decision making process so far on the Future Accommodation Model. AFF is now starting to work with the FAM comms team, to help ensure that the questions and concerns families really want answered are being put forward for inclusion in the future comms where possible. If you have any specific questions or concerns about FAM, please contact Cat Calder at housing@aff.org.uk

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AFF film highlights FAM work on behalf of Army families

With the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) still in its development stage, the Army Families Federation’s (AFF) newly released film highlights how much the charity remains committed to representing and involving families in the process, with the support of the Army and MOD. Read more


Concerns over FAM gain wider coverage

AFF is delighted to see journalists and politicians supporting military families’ and our own concerns around the Future Accommodation Model (FAM). Read more


Rental allowance for Service families

The Future Accommodation Model (FAM) is considering how accommodation will be provided to serving personnel in the future. One option being considered for those families who wish to remain mobile is the introduction of a rental allowance to allow them to rent a home privately. Army families have raised a number of concerns about this proposal and this paper outlines their concerns.


AFF receives Defence response to our FAM Manifesto

Following on from the incredible reaction we had to our Big Survey 2016: The Future of Military Housing, we developed the AFF FAM Manifesto as a direct response to the feedback we received from families.  

Here at AFF, we try to be balanced in our approach to all things, including the proposals around FAM, and appreciate there are many different views in this discussion. Read more


AFF launches FAM Manifesto on behalf of Army families

Following on from AFF’s work ensuring Army families’ voices are heard during planning for the Future Accommodation Model (FAM), we have now developed the AFF FAM Manifesto.  Read more


AFF Big Survey 2016 - the future of military housing

If you were one of the 8,322 people who took part in this year’s AFF Big Survey, you may be wondering what we’re doing with the information you provided us with.

Over the summer, we’ve identified key themes and emerging trends, which we are now in the process of raising with chain of command, senior politicians and decision makers to ensure families are properly considered if the changes proposed by the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) are implemented.

Click here to read our report, which details our findings and will act as an important tool for AFF when discussing the proposed changes to your housing provision with chain of command and MOD.

Click here to download the command brief.

Thank you once again to all those who took the time to get involved.


The future of Service accommodation

Chief of Defence People, Lt. Gen. Richard Nugee CBE has written a letter to all Service personnel explaining the reasons behind the proposed move to the Future Accommodation Model. 

Whilst AFF welcomes the opportunity to move towards a housing system that reflects the modern Army family, we are concerned that the move to significantly reduce SFA, and replace it with a series of allowances to help buy or rent properties, will adversely affect Army families.

To read Lt. Gen Nugee’s letter, click here


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