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Who can contact the Army Families Federation (AFF)?

The AFF is for all Army families! That includes families of the Regular Army and Army Reserves. It also means parents and siblings of serving soldiers, as well as spouses and children. We also welcome enquiries and feedback from serving military personnel and representatives of organisations associated with the Armed Forces.

How you can contact AFF

AFF has representatives worldwide – wherever you are living regardless of whether or not you live in Service Families Accommodation (SFA) there will be someone you can contact. If you are living in (SFA) there is likely to be a Co-ordinator who covers your area. If you are not living in an army area we still want to hear from you. Visit the 'Contact Us' pages of this website for all telephone numbers and email addresses. Relevant pages on this website have a 'Feedback' section - use the email address to send your views or concerns about issues discussed on our website. 

What issues could you tell us about?

Housing, Health & Additional Needs, Education & Childcare, Army Reserves, Deployments, Money Matters, Employment & Training, Family Life.

AFF is often key in achieving improvements for Army families such as changes to Government and military policy and changes to the delivery of how things are provided for families. AFF does not do this by itself; our role is to highlight problems to the Army command or service providers, and to work with them and other agencies to improve the support they provide to Service families. See the 'AFF in Action' section for more information. 

Why should/could you contact AFF?

AFF has Co-ordinators who work at a local level with families and local command such as Unit Welfare Officers, Commanding Officers and local housing representatives from the organisations who allocate and provide Army housing. So if you are stuck with any issue AFF will either signpost you to the appropriate organisation or help you negotiate with the Army or Service providers.

We also have our subject specialists who can provide expert advice on education & childcare, housing, health and additional needs, employment & training and foreign & commonwealth.

Our service is free, confidential and independent of Army command – we won’t reveal who you are unless you have given us permission to do so.

We anonymously record our enquiries so that we have a clear picture of what issues concern families – this helps us to demonstrate to policy and decision makers what they can do better.

If you want something changed – anything to do with your life as an Army family - tell us about it. Your evidence can help us to lobby the Army and the Government for a better life for Army families.

When should you contact AFF?

When you are not sure if the information you have been given by the Army or an agency connected to the Army is correct.

If you have a problem with housing, education, employment or any issue affected by Army life that you need some help to resolve.

Whenever you want something changed – or have a question on anything to do with your life as an Army family.  

Participate in our surveys/polls

AFF has run several surveys to enable Army families to have their say on a particular topic. The surveys have provided us with quality evidence that we have used to lobby the chain of command and policy makers. See the AFF in Action' section for more details.

Write to the Army&You Postbag!

If you feel strongly about something, put fingers to keyboard and write a letter to the Army&You postbag by email at editor@aff.org.uk or write to The Editor, Army Families Federation, IDL 414, Floor 1, Zone 6, Ramillies Building, Marlborough Lines, Monxton Road, Andover SP11 8HJ

Please include your contact telephone number and address. We do not print anonymous letters but are always happy to withhold names and addresses. Your details will not be revealed to anyone outside AFF without your permission. 

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