History of AFF

The Army Families Federation (AFF) is the unique two-way communications link between the British Army and its families. We were founded in the UK in 1982 as the Federation of Army Wives Clubs, which later became the Federation of Army Wives (FAW), and evolved Branches in Northern Ireland, Germany and Cyprus.

In May 1996, we were renamed the Army Families Federation, and became a worldwide organisation run from a Central Office in Andover, Hampshire.

AFF is a charitable incorporated organisation and operates under a constitution approved by the Charities Commission. We are funded by a combination of public and non-public funding as well as outside sponsorship raised for one-off events and projects. AFF represents all members of a soldier’s family.


  • AFF voices the views of Army families to policy makers and aids communication between policy makers and families
  • AFF pushes for policy change where families’ views suggest that improvements are needed
  • AFF monitors implementation of policy and highlights areas for improvment as well as highlighting best practice
  • AFF signposts families to organisations that can support them, particularly those families who prefer to seek help from a body independent of the chain of command.
  • AFF provides easy-to-digest, current information to Army families through our website social media and flagship magazine, Army&You


In 1984, AFF established a branch in Northern Ireland. This was followed by Germany in 1989 and Cyprus in 1994. In 2014, our Overseas Branch was established, covering the rest of the world.

In 2016, our UK and Overseas Branches were merged to form the UK & Overseas Branch, which supports families worldwide. AFF also has a Policy & Research Branch and a Communications & Operations Branch.

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What our families say about AFF

“AFF - just a thank you for all that you do!!”

“What an awesome organisation”

“Thank you so much Army Families Federation!”

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