Information for families during the coronavirus outbreak


01   COVID-19 testing

The MOD has released an updated letter with information for Service personnel and their immediate families on claiming back COVID-19 test costs when returning to the UK and using the Test to Release scheme. Click here for a definition of immediate family.

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02   Enhanced support for Service personnel during COVID-19 pandemic

The MOD has released a new letter detailing enhanced support for Service personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. This provides extra support for those overseas during the school holiday period where they face difficulties due to COVID-19 and increased support and flexibility to a number of other allowances which are affected by COVID-19. All allowances listed in the letter can be checked here: Tri-service regulations for expenses and allowances (JSP 752) – GOV.UK

The MOD has released a directed letter giving further enhancements to the interim arrangements for school children’s visits (SCVs).

Guidance has now been released by the MOD for families overseas who returned to the UK and, due to COVID-19, are stranded and unable to return overseas, but were not evacuated. This provides extra support for families in several areas such as subsistence, accommodation costs and Living Overseas Allowance (LOA). For more details and information on eligibility, please click here.

The MOD has released a letter which gives increased support and flexibility to a number of allowances which are affected by COVID-19. These include if the serving person is self-isolating or sick, or if you are required to relocate and your move is affected due to COVID-19.

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03   Are you and your family due to be posted overseas?

The MOD has released a new directed letter which gives families, who have children or are CEA claimants, the option to serve unaccompanied and be classed as involuntarily separated (INVOLSEP) until the end of April 2021.

If the option is taken, your family will be entitled to INVOLSEP rates of Longer Separation Allowance (LSA), unaccompanied rates of Living Overseas Allowance (LOA), and Get You Home Overseas (GYH(O)), and also retain eligibility for removals and Disturbance Expense (DE) for a delayed move.

For more information please see the directed letter.

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04   CEA – regulatory flexibility in relation to COVID-19

A new directed letter has been released on the increased flexibility introduced for arrangements for CEA in response to COVID-19. The letter replaces previous directed letters issued on 21 May and 17 July and also incorporates the advice provided by D AFPPol on 7 April. Read the letter here.

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05   CEA Special Educational Needs Allowance (SENA)

DCYP has provided information and answers to commonly asked questions about SENA during COVID-19.4

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