Information for families during the coronavirus outbreak

Letter to Service families from Lieutenant General IBL Jones CB, Commander Field Army.


01   Update on rebasing

The MOD has released new information regarding the changes to the Op FARAN rebasing plan due to COVID-19 and their response.

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02   Impact of COVID-19 on rebasing moves


How do I know if my serving partner’s unit move has been delayed?
Please contact your Unit Welfare Officer for more information.

How long will the unit moves be delayed for?
For many units, moves will be delayed by 12 months and take place in summer 2021.

A small number of unit moves will only be delayed for approximately four months due to future operational or other commitments. These units will move during the winter 2020, with some minor moves within Edinburgh taking place in spring 2021.

The Army will work directly with units, and with all key stakeholders and supporting agencies, to ensure rescheduled moves are managed with the minimum impact on Service personnel and their families.

Could unit moves be delayed longer than currently anticipated?
It is highly unlikely that moves will be delayed beyond 12 months. However, this is clearly dependent on the COVID-19 situation and future Army plans.

The detailed timings for the small number of moves that have been delayed into winter 2020 and spring 2021 will still depend on developments regarding COVID-19 over the coming months. A detailed schedule will be published not before June 2020.

Are we able to keep our Service Family Accommodation in our current unit location?
Yes, families will be able to keep their current SFA until their re-scheduled move.

For those delayed by four months, any SFA allocated in their new locations will be secured and held ready for the unit move later in 2020.

SFA allocations for units delayed by 12 months will be reviewed in conjunction with DIO and Amey in February 2021, as per the current housing allocation process.

My children have been allocated a school place in our new unit location. Will the Army engage with the local authority and the Directorate of Children and Young People (DCYP) to secure their current school place(s)?
Army Basing and Infrastructure is fully engaged with DCYP and local authority education leaders to help manage the situation for children of school age.

Schools are already affected by COVID-19 and the implications of this have yet to be fully understood.

The Army will also work closely with Unit Welfare Officers to understand those at key stages of education, and with DCYP and local authorities, to help manage such cases.

Where can I go to find out further information about Op FARAN (the rebasing plan) and how it affects my family?
Please use your Unit Welfare Officer as your first point of contact for any questions.

We will continue to keep you updated as new information becomes available.

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