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01   General

We want to get married; does my soldier need to ask permission?

You no longer have to ask formal permission to get married but some units do retain the tradition of asking the Commanding Officer for permission. It is probably best the soldier checks the form at their unit. The soldier does have to ensure that they update their details on JPA to let the Army know they are married and any change of address. They should also update their Next of Kin details.

If you live on a camp within the wire, once you are married you should visit your Unit Welfare Office or Guardroom to be issued a dependant’s card so you can have access to and from camp.

I am getting married soon but my soldier is currently based overseas. How can I join them and how do we apply for a quarter?

Ask your soldier to contact their Regimental Administrative Officer (RAO) for details on your entitlement to travel out there and removals cost. Unless you are getting married and moving abroad within three months of an assignment start date you are unlikely to be entitled to removals etc. so will need to factor these costs into your plans
To apply for a house, you need to apply via the paper 1132 form, rather than online. Ask your soldier’s Unit Welfare Office for more details.

I am nervous about moving to a new area that I don’t know. How do I meet people or know what’s going on?

The Unit Welfare Office are a great first point of call and can help signpost you to information about the area and let you know of any coffee mornings or socials coming up.

The HIVE is an invaluable source of information. Details of your local HIVE are available here – HIVE Information Centres. They can provide you with information about houses, schools, nurseries, children’s activities and much more.

We’re getting married soon, how do I find out what I’m entitled to and where do I get advice on financial issues?

The Money Advice Service provides some great advice on dealing with your finances, from planning for emergencies, entitlements, budgeting and saving.

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02   Housing

I am getting married soon, when can we apply for our quarter?

Quarters are referred to as Service Family Accommodation (SFA). You can apply for your SFA up to 4 months before your wedding date.

You need to ensure that you apply as soon as possible to allow time for them to make you an offer, for you to accept and then arrange removals and any required furniture.

I am entering a civil partnership, are we entitled to SFA?

Yes, any Service personnel who are 18 or over and married or in a civil partnership and have at least 6 months left to serve are entitled to SFA.

How do we apply for SFA?

All applications in the UK are made via the online E1132 form via DII or intranet enabled terminals. This means that the Service person needs to complete the form. If they are away, eg on operations, you can ask your Unit Welfare Office to assist you in completing the form or can potentially complete a paper version of the form.

For more information on how to apply for SFA, see our Applying for SFA/SSFA page. There is also helpful information on the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) website.

When we can we move into our SFA?

You can take possession of SFA up to 2 weeks before you are married to allow you to move belongings and kit in. You are not permitted to live in the property until after you are married.

What type and size of SFA will we be allocated?

The allocation depends on the number of children you have if your spouse is an Other Rank (ie Private, Lance Corporal) and the rank of your spouse if they are an Officer. For further information on entitlement to SFA, see our Applying for SFA/SSFA page.

How do we pay rent and how much does SFA costs?

The rent comes directly out of your soldier’s pay.

You are entitled to challenge the grading of your SFA or SSFA within 28 days of move in. See our Charges & Allowances page for information on rates and charges.

What if there is no SFA available in the area?

If when you apply for SFA, there is nothing available in the area, you will be given the option to accept a Non Availability Certificate (NAC), which means they will find a hiring for you (private rental). For more information on SSFA, see our Applying for SFA/SSFA page.

I have a question about housing, who do I speak to?

A good first point of call is the Unit Welfare Office, who should be able to help or tell you the right person to contact. Pinnacle is the main point of contact for housing and allocation of SFA.

Will the Army pay for the removals for us to move into our first SFA?

No, the Army does not pay for your first move into SFA, you have to fund and organise this yourself.

If you are moving overseas on marriage within three months of a new posting order you may be entitled to removals, your soldier should contact the RAO for details on removals funding.

Do I have to provide my own furniture?

The Army can provide furniture for the house but you pay an increased rental price. This can be booked when you apply for SFA via the E1132 form. You do not have to have Army furniture and can bring your own.

Will there be white goods in the quarter, eg washing machine, dishwasher?

No, you have to provide these yourself. The Army do not provide them.

What if I don’t like the SFA they have offered me?

You are able to turn down your first offer for personal reasons and will be offered a second property. However, if there is limited SFA available in the area, it may not be possible to offer you a different property at entitlement and you may not like your second offer. You cannot turn down your second offer for personal reasons unless they are exceptional.

See our Applying for SFA/SSFA page for more information about considering refusing your first offer and the implications of this.

What is a ‘March In’?

March In’s are now referred to as Move In’s and is the appointment you have when you take over your SFA. You will be able to look round and check the property is at the acceptable standard for you to move in. It is very important that any issues noted at the move-in appointment are recorded on the move-in paperwork before you sign for the SFA. For more details see the Moving In / Moving Out page.

What is the 14 day report?

Information about the 14 day report is available on the Moving In / Moving Out page.

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03   Health & welfare

We are getting married soon but my spouse has a disability, can the Army help me?

Yes, if your spouse or child has a disability or additional need, you need to register this with the Army Personnel Centre. This is done through the Career Management Notification Proforma at Annex L of AGAI 81, Part 8 -supportability and additional needs. If the disability or additional need is such that adaptations to SFA are needed, please see our Additional needs page for more information. There are more details in JSP 464.

We are moving into our first quarter, can I use the Army doctor/dentist on camp?

Generally, no. The Defence Medical Services usually only provide medical and dental support to Service personnel. In some areas, you may be able to register with the Garrison Medical Centre, rather than the local NHS GP, if you wish to. Ask at your Unit Welfare Office or HIVE for more details.

We are getting married and moving to a new area. We have a child who is on an NHS waiting list for treatment, what happens to their place on it?

The Armed Forces Covenant makes a commitment that families of members of the Armed Forces who are patients on an NHS waiting list have the time already accrued taken into account if they are posted elsewhere.

We’ve just got married and I am having some problems, where can I get some support?

In the first instance, you can contact your Unit Welfare Office who can support you and signpost you to other organisations who can help. If you would rather not contact the Welfare Office, the Padre is also a good source of help.

The Army Welfare Service can also provide support and to contact the AWS Intake and Assessment Teams (IAT) call: 01904 882053 or 882054 or email:

SSAFA are a military charity who support Service families and can be contacted via the SSAFA Forcesline

The Army Families Federation can also provide information and advice, email

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04   Schools & education

We have children and are getting married and moving into a SFA. How do I apply for schools?

You need to check with your local authority for how school admissions are organised in your area. The OFSTED website can provide information and inspection reports for local schools. More information on schools admissions and general schools issues is available on the Admissions and Appeals page.

What happens if the school I want to send my child to has no places?

You will need to apply in the usual way and if you are unhappy with your allocated place, you may consider an appeal. More information on this is available on the Admissions and Appeals page.

What is the Service Pupil Premium?

This is a scheme which provides pastoral support to schools with children from Service families. For more information, see our Service Pupil Premium page.

How do I find out about childcare in my new area?

The HIVE is a great first point of contact. The OFSTED website can provide information and inspection reports about local childcare providers, as can the Local Authority website. More information is available on the Early Years & Childcare page.


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05   Getting married in the UK as a non-UK national

For all information, please see our foreign-commonwealth/visafaqs/#bring-partner-to-uk page.

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