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01   Government decision to waive settlement fees for non-UK Service personnel

The Government has announced that they plan to implement a fee waiver for the settlement fees for non-UK Service personnel who wish to remain in the UK after their service for those who:

  • have served at least six years
  • are medically discharged due to an injury or illness attributable to their service, regardless of their length of service

It will also apply to those non-UK veterans who are currently living in the UK and who have served for at least six years or were medically discharged from Service due to an injury or illness attributable to their Service but haven’t yet regularised their immigration status.

The Service person will also have to meet Home Office suitability requirements to remain in the UK.

Does this apply to family members?

This waiver only applies to Service personnel and not family members. However, there has been an acknowledgement that communication to family members needs to be improved and the immigration rules Appendix Armed Forces will be simplified subject to ministerial approval.

When will this come into effect?

The visa fee wavier came into effect on 6 April 2022.  If you submit an application on or after that date and you meet the requirements outlined above, you will not be asked to pay a fee.

Does this announcement mean that non-UK Army personnel no longer have to meet the fees and main requirements for family members to remain/come to the UK?

No, this announcement has not changed the requirements of the immigration rules and dependants are still liable for visa application fees. This fee waiver only applies to the settlement fees on discharge.

Where can we get more information about the Government decision?

For more information about the Government decision, please see Government response to Immigration Fees Public Consultation. The Army has also issued FAQs which Service personnel should be able to access from their chain of command.

How can I get general immigration advice as a non-UK Army family?

For further immigration advice, please contact our qualified team at

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