Army families and the cost of living

The cost-of-living crisis is affecting many families in the UK and we are keen to understand any pressures that Army families may face when compared to their civilian counterparts.

We are continuously feeding back your evidence and concerns to policy makers on the issues you raise with us, which include cost of living enquiries about:

  • flight price rises and rates of Get You Home (Overseas) allowance;
  • fuel price rises and rates for travel allowances such as Get You Home Travel;
  • how energy bills are affected by Service life and frequent moves, for example having to pay cancellation charges on a fixed contract or seeing your tariff increase in your new location.

Do continue to let us know about the issues you are facing with the cost of living due to Army life – email



    I have been reading cost of living information and looking for issues people are facing.

    Married unaccompanied means need for two vehicles (especially with having a complex family with additional needs).

    Our insurance has doubled from 250 a year to just short of 500

    Fuel increase meaning what cost 40 to fill a tank is now costing 70

    Our clutch has just broken and instead of last time it was 320 we been quoted over 600.

    That’s a week after the heating fan going and also needing new shock absorber which quoting another 600. That’s a lot in one month and most like next week will have to get debt for. Sorry it’s bit of a rant but know you need awareness to keep doing your amazing jobs

    Hi Gemma,

    Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear about your experience and can appreciate that it’s a difficult time. For support and advice, please do get in touch with our Money and Allowances specialist team directly via Thank you.

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