AFF tours Salisbury Plain ahead of scheduled rebasing in 2018

AFF’s Chief Executive Sara Baade, recently visited some of the new Service Family Accommodation (SFA) sites being built on the western end of Salisbury Plain, at Larkhill, Ludgershall and Bulford.

This was a great opportunity to hear directly from the contractors who are building these houses – the Major Projects Director from Lovell, John Leary, gave the AFF team a really informative briefing, including sight of the floorplans for the six different house types they are building.

Supporting modern living

AFF was really pleased to see that the layout reflected a modern way of living, but also recognised the need that Army families have to store all that additional kit that our soldiers have! We were also pleased to hear that several bungalows were being built for families with additional needs.

Sara looked around one of the houses on the just-completed Ashdown Estate at Tidworth.  It was reassuring to hear that the contractors would be on site for a full 12 months after handover, and that they had been responsive so far in dealing with the issues that had arisen.

School provision

The AFF team was shown the building site at Ludgershall, where 242 houses and a new primary school (opening in Sep 19) are being built – just across the road from the Wellington Academy secondary school.  We then also saw the site at Larkhill, where 450 houses are being built. The new primary school building in the middle of that estate was well on the way to completion and will open as St Michael’s Primary in Sep 18, when the current school of that name moves from the nearby village of Figheldean.  Both of these primary schools will have Early Years places

Kevin Ladner, the Wiltshire Council lead for rebasing in the county, was also part of the visit team, and explained that many of the existing schools in the area were also receiving additional money to fund new and upgraded facilities, and additional places.  Further details can be found on the Wiltshire Council website. He also explained that local transport routes were being upgraded with improved roads, additional footpaths, additional bus stops, shelters and electronic arrival boards.

Garrison upgrade

As a final part of the visit, we saw the new Single Living Accommodation, dining facilities and technical accommodation at Larkhill, where AFF was briefed by the Chief Executive of Aspire – the lead company providing the support services to the site, working with Sodexo. This site will have around 4,000 military personnel working there by 2020, as well as significant numbers of civilian contactors and civil servants; and there will be a range of job opportunities, which they are keen to open up to families moving into the area.

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