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Army life and all its challenges can have a big impact on your employment journey as a spouse or partner.

We’d like to hear your experiences of the world of work, whether you’re currently working or not, wherever you are in the world.

Key factors may have affected your employment such as frequent moves and childcare problems – we’d like to hear about the issues you’re experiencing so that we can raise them with those in command.

We’re here to provide an independent voice, and need your evidence to push for change and improve your quality of life.

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Let us know your views by 10 March 2024. It is a great opportunity have your say via your feedback to AFF.


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    I am currently living in RAF Akrotiri. The current situation is incredibly difficult for non serving family members.
    I have 2 children 2yrs and 4yrs. Unfortunately to take on a full time position and paying for the childcare for both children (the eldest would get 30hrs but would require wrap around care), i would be making very little profit. After speaking to a high volume of wives/partners out in Cyprus. The pay is not in line with the UK wage and isnt not in line with Cyprus either. However the cost of childcare is the same cost as the UK. The government has released funding for 2year olds in the UK to support parents returning to work. However this is not being carried out in Cyprus so the support is lacking here. The rates of pay need to increase or the funding should be made available for working parents, keeping in line with the UK.
    We move every 2 years so maintaining a career is incredibly challenging and most companies will not allow you continue to work remotely. The LOA has reduced in Cyprus, the cost of living is much higher than the UK and there doesn’t seem to be anything that takes this into account.

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