Changes to surplus housing allocations

Surplus housing has often been in short supply for families, but that’s about to change after Ministers instructed Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to reduce the number of properties they keep empty.

So if you’ve been turned down for surplus, or you’ve been put off due to the risk of having to move at short notice, it could be a good time to reconsider.

Amey is being encouraged to allocate SFA, where availability allows, to all those who are eligible and who currently have an application in, with the exception of a few areas where housing is in short supply – Northwood, Brize Norton, Thorney Island, Birmingham and Hereford.

If you have an application outstanding you should have heard recently from Amey Occupancy Services about an allocation – the intention is to convert all surplus applications into allocations (where possible) by the end of the year.

If you’re offered surplus, it’s unlikely that you will have to move out for an entitled family. Should an entitled family be posted in and there isn’t SFA available, they will be offered SSFA, with the exception of the FAM pilot sites where families will be expected to source their own private rental.

You will usually have to pay for removals when you move into surplus so don’t forget to discuss allowances with your unit admin so that you don’t have any surprise costs later on.

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