Check your vehicle insurance

Some insurance companies have introduced clauses in their policies which exclude driving on MOD sites and military bases, so it’s important to check the small print.

If you or your serving partner are living on a camp, whether for part of the week or a full week, it is important that insurance companies are made aware of this. 

Companies could refuse a claim if a driver has used a home address rather than the address on camp. A person’s address is an important aspect of the insurance quote, and failure to declare the correct address can give the insurance company grounds to delay, reduce or refuse your claim. They could also apply additional terms such as increasing your excess or adding an additional premium. 

If your insurers fail to accept liability, you could be legally responsible for any damage caused.

If you need further advice, there are specialist military insurance providers who can advise you.

If you have had any problems as a result of this, let us know at



    Going on from the checking your car insurance I didn’t realise that lots of mainland insurance companies do not cover Northern Ireland. We had to change companies on arrival and then found out that we would now have to pay double the amount that we were currently paying for a new policy. I never thought that moving here would make us out of pocket with this and the cost of fuel here (my gas bill was £450 for the last quarter normally £250 in England) it’s not a financially suitable posting for lots of people. I think people should be made aware of the negatives as well as the positives before deciding on a posting.

    Hi Sarah, thank you for leaving a comment. There is an allowance called Northern Ireland Motor Insurance Refunds, that the serving person may be eligible for. It helps offset the cost of higher than average insurance in Northern Ireland if the insurance costs are more than they would be in Central London.

    For more details the serving person can contact their Unit Hr Admin or email us at

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