Employment breakthrough for Army spouses in Kenya

AFF is delighted to report that military spouses posted to Kenya can continue to work remotely for a UK company. This clarification comes after several years of reporting the frustrations of limited employment opportunities for spouses in BATUK.

Making sense of the rules

Command has now clarified the rules relating to spousal employment under the Kenyan Defence Co-operation Agreement (DCA), and the Department of Immigration has confirmed that individuals are permitted to work remotely from home on behalf of a UK company, as long as the business has no involvement with Kenyan Nationals/Businesses. In this instance, there is no requirement for a work permit.

Reflecting a modern workforce

Major Bonnie Nicolle, DCOS, HQ BATUK said: A legal review of the DCA has determined that spouses can continue to work for a UK company in Kenya without a work permit under certain conditions. There must be no offices within Kenya and there should be no interaction with anyone in Kenya. This opens the door for anyone working for a UK company remotely to continue this role.”

AFF’s Overseas Manager, Esther Thomas, added: “This is really a positive step for Armed Forces spouses, which better reflects modern ways of working across the globe.”

Know the law

It remains an offence to work or earn money in Kenya in any other circumstances, without a work permit, including charity or voluntary work of more than eight hours per week.

If you are due a posting to Kenya and want to know more, visit our Kenya page, or contact our Regional Lead at kenya@aff.org.uk.


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