Co-habiting in surplus SFA – four years’ service rule removed

Following a review of MOD policy, from 1 February your soldier will no longer need four years’ service to apply to co-habit in surplus Service Family Accommodation (SFA) in the UK. Click here for the DIN.

Although the four years’ service requirement has been removed, those wishing to cohabit in surplus SFA will still need to have established a long-term relationship and will be required to comply with Para 0301 of JSP 464, Vol 1, Part 1. 

They must: 

  • be aged 18 or over;
  • have completed Phase 1 training;
  • be serving on a regular engagement in the UK armed forces or be a full commitment reservist as defined in single-service regulations. 

AFF welcomes this change as it means that more soldiers and their partners will benefit.  

It must be remembered that this policy gives no entitlement to SFA, only eligibility for surplus SFA – in areas where there is limited SFA soldiers may not be successful in securing surplus SFA.  

Remember that a surplus licence means that in theory Amey only has to give you 28 days’ notice to vacate the property, should it be needed for an entitled service person. However, they will usually only ever offer surplus if they are happy that this situation is very unlikely to happen. 

Families should also remember that on moving to another duty station availability of surplus SFA may alter, so always make sure that you have the funds available to secure private rental in this situation. 

Four years’ service still required for FAM 

The requirement for four years’ service for soldiers to be entitled to FAM policy at pilot sites remains unchanged. To be entitled to the full FAM accommodation options, there will still be a requirement to have four years’ service. Click here for more details. 


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