Easier access to social housing registers for separated spouses

Separated and divorced spouses should now have easier access to social housing registers thanks to a change in guidance just announced.

In 2013 AFF wrote our first brief on the issues faced by spouses and civil partners leaving SFA after separation when trying to access social housing registers if they had no local connection.

Later, some local authorities changed their allocation policy to include this group, but many did not. So AFF pushed further and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government put out a consultation paper last year asking for views on this.

The outcome of the consultation has just been published and the new statutory guidance states: ‘The Secretary of State strongly encourages local authorities to exempt from any local connection requirements divorced or separated spouses or civil partners of Service personnel who need to move out of accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence.’

This should help this group onto a housing register but will not give them priority over non-military families.

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