FAM pilot area announced

Details of the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) pilot were announced in Parliament on 1 April.

For Army families, the pilot will run in Aldershot Garrison from 31 January 2020. It will apply to all Regular and Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) soldiers with four or more years’ Service already living at, or assigned to, this location.

The pilot will test the newly developed FAM policy and those who take part will be asked for their feedback.

The Army has said they will seek to ensure that the choice to serve accompanied as a family and to live in a military community is maintained wherever possible.

I’m posted in Aldershot; will I have to move?

No. Nobody based at Aldershot Garrison when the pilot begins, currently living in Service Family Accommodation (SFA), will have to leave their quarter unless you wish to (you will have to fund your own removals and will not be entitled to Disturbance Expense). Also, no SFA will be sold due to the pilot.

We’re due a posting to Aldershot, how are we affected?

If your soldier is posted to Aldershot once the pilot has begun, they will be asked to submit a preference for the type of accommodation they want to receive. In short, these options are:

  • Single Living Accommodation (SLA)
  • SFA (a quarter)
  • Renting privately within 50 miles of your soldier’s posting, with allowances in place to ensure you pay broadly the same amount as you would in SFA
  • Buying your own home and receiving a payment towards your housing costs.

More details on these options is available here.

Why is FAM being piloted?

The MOD has said they want to increase choice for more families, including those who are single or unmarried but in a long-term relationship, those with partial custody of children and those who don’t want to live in military accommodation.

This pilot is a way of gathering evidence from families to see if their proposed model genuinely meets people’s needs.

What happens after the pilot?

Once the FAM pilot is complete, in around three years’ time, a decision will be made whether to roll-out FAM across the rest of Great Britain.

The MOD will use the pilot to check how well the private housing sector can meet the needs of military families.

How FAM will be applied overseas is yet to be considered.

Want to know more?

AFF will continue to update families as further details are released. In the meantime, you can check out the FAM website for lots of detailed information about what FAM might mean for your family. If you have any queries, please contact our Housing Specialist Cat Calder on housing@aff.org.uk or see our FAM page.



    Will the army houses in aldershot be sold off to army families in the near future? We live on the talavera estate and had heard rumours of this not sure how true this is?

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