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In 2020, AFF dealt with more than 11,000 of your enquiries covering a huge range of issues. From accessing financial products and services, to understanding the Service Pupil Premium; from difficulties with visas overseas to accessing student finance. Housing, school admissions, access to additional needs support, employment issues – we’ve heard from you on every aspect of family life.  

You also contacted us about issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics included the impact of the assignment freeze on the allocation of SFA, children about to move schools and partners about to start new jobs, as well as the particular challenges of moving to and from overseas assignments. We’ve done our very best, in a constantly changing environment, to provide you with clear and up- to-date information.

Foreign & Commonwealth inquiries rise

Last year, enquiries relating to being a non-UK family within the Army made up nearly 25% of the total.  Housing enquiries were a further 20%, with Family Life, and Education & Childcare also large areas of concern for families. 

Your evidence is vital

Thank you to those of you who got in touch about your issues in what was a difficult year for Army families. This allows us to gather the evidence we need to make sure that those making decisions about the future of Army families are aware of the current issues and challenges families are facing.

Got a query? Ask AFF

Come to us with your queries – by telephone, email or through social media – and we will continue to do our best to help.

Check out our latest report

Find out more about the type of issues families have been dealing with in our latest Families’ Concerns report, which will be sent to those making decisions about, and influencing the futures of, Army families.

For a snapshot of the report, click here.



    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    I am serving overseas and my child is in boarding school in the uk. I have only 1 guardian and she is elderly. My child has covid positive recently and the school is not providing isolation facility coz the half term holiday starts from 19th Oct. There are only limited flights to Uk for me to travel. I am unable to take her to our guardian coz she is vulnerable. Are there any isolation facilities for Minors who are in boarding and parents can’t join them.

    Hi, many thanks for your comment. We aren’t aware of any Defence isolation facilities for minors, other than what individual schools may offer. Would you consider reversing an SCV journey to the UK for the half term, collecting your child from school and then consider using a local welfare house or the Services Cotswold Centre which are reasonably priced.

    The only other alternative is to ask the school for an approved list of local Guardians who may be able to assist, but this is likely to be at personal cost.

    If you’d like further help and a directory of tri-Service contact and welfare houses, please email Esther, Manager Overseas on overseasmgr@aff.org.uk or give her a call on 07795 596568

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