Family comes first

This winter, we will be focusing on some of the unique issues faced by some of our Army families.

We want to hear from all types of families to better understand the broad range of challenges today’s Army families face.

Gathering evidence

We would like to gather evidence and will be focusing in particular on carers in Army families (whether you are a parent carer, young carer or caring for extended family), those with children Not in Employment Education or Training (NEETs) and blended families.

Keep an eye out on our social media channels for the chance to share your views.

Working on your behalf

Throughout 2020, we have continued to work hard on your behalf to use your evidence to raise these issues to key decision makers in the Army, MOD and Government. From national policy changes to local impact, all have played their part in ensuring positive outcomes for our families during the year. 

We have seen some fantastic results, including a change in guidance so that separated partners have easier access to social housing, ensuring families’ concerns were fed into considerations about guidance on allowances overseas and connecting with nearly 300 families in Wales through face-to-face and virtual events.

Get in touch with AFF

If family issues are on your agenda, then now is the time to speak to us, either via social media or by contacting our specialists. We welcome your comments, involvement and suggestions.



    What progress has been made in opening ‘UK based’ Civil service roles to Military spouses when posted with the FCO. Is it still the case that you can only apply for ‘local’ roles which are generally low grade /low pay. Would love to see AFF making a break through on the civil service monopoly which prevents spouses from applying for the better roles. On my most recent posting it was very obvious that spouses with a non-civil service background had significantly more capability and aptitude than civil servants in UK based roles but they were banned from applying for protected roles.

    Hi Catherine, thank you for your comment. In collaboration with the RAF and Naval Families’ Federations, we continue to work on this issue as it is something that we agree is frustrating for spouses affected, particularly in overseas locations where there are additional limitations on spousal employment opportunities. On engaging with the MOD and Civil Service, we are assured that the practice of internally advertising posts before allowing external candidates to apply is something that the Civil Service is keen to move away from. However, this practice is written into the Civil Service’s own recruitment policies and updating it involves many factors and stakeholders with varying views and opinions. Please be assured that is something that the Families’ Federations continue to regularly question and challenge, in order to support the employment opportunities for spouses both overseas and in the UK.

    Thank you for continuing to work on this issue. The Civil Service are very good at moving very slowly on issues they don’t agree with. I’d love to see legal action taken – their current practises are discriminatory. I’ve always found it extraordinary that an organisation that can tie itself up in knots over ensuring equality still holds the spouses of Civil Servants working overseas as excluded from applying for roles which could save the public purse money.

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