Forces Families Jobs ready for launch

We are excited to launch Forces Families Jobs (FFJ), an exciting new employment and training platform, on 17 September.

How did it come about? 

If you’re a partner of a serving person you’ll be familiar with frequent moves and the subsequent need to hand in your notice with your current employer, update your CV, look for a new job whilst trying to move, sort schools or organise childcare in an unfamiliar area.  

FFJ has arisen as a direct result of AFF research conducted by the University of Warwick, titled ‘Military spousal/partner employment: identifying the barriers and support required’, published in June 2018, which states a key recommendation as the introduction of an online jobs platform. 

The survey found that 63% of spouses/partners had changed career path because of the military lifestyle, with only 7% saying they wanted to do so, and ​45% of partners perceived employer discrimination in applying for jobs. 

Who can use it?

Family members of current serving military personnel

The platform is designed to help Service families in their hunt for work or training. All of our employers have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, which means they have to demonstrate their commitment to supporting Armed Forces families.

We’ve had over 140 employers sign up already, including Santander, Amazon UK, Royal Mail and are getting more enquiries daily.

They all have one thing in common – they won’t discriminate against you as a military family member.

The site is also open to family members of Service personnel who have left the Armed Forces in the last year and bereaved family members for up to two years.

Employers & training providers

Any organisation who has signed the Covenant can advertise free of charge. It is an opportunity to promote your organisation and showcase your commitment towards fulfilling the Covenant.  You will be able to advertise your jobs free of charge as well as access a large, highly skilled candidate database of Armed Forces family members from all three Services.*

Training providers who are offering training or career opportunities without charge and companies who are offering a discount specifically for Armed Forces families on a training course can also sign up.

About the site 

The site has been designed to be easy to use and is mobile friendly.

As a jobseeker you can register to create an account, upload or build a CV, create job alerts and search for jobs by filter.

*Please note that if you are a recruitment agency, you can advertise jobs on this site where you are employing people directly within your organisation, but you cannot advertise jobs on behalf of clients. If a client has signed the Covenant you will need to advertise via their direct employer account on the site. In instances where they do not have a Forces Families Jobs account, you can sign up for one on their behalf, with their permission and advertise accordingly. This is to ensure that all roles advertised on this site are Covenant signatory companies only.



    I was struck by the comment:

    ‘They all have one thing in common – they won’t discriminate against you as a military family member.’

    Isn’t there a law against discrimination? In my view, not being discriminated against is not a cause for celebration, it should be an accepted norm. Are we saying that firms out there are actively discriminating against prospective employees on the grounds that they are partners of serving personnel? Who are they, what evidence do you have that this is happening?

    Thanks for leaving a comment Paul. AFF research conducted by the University of Warwick found that 45% of Army spouses perceived employer discrimination in applying for jobs. As you will appreciate it is very difficult to gather hard evidence that discrimination is taking place, though there are clearly strong feelings about this among Army families. The Armed Forces Covenant aims to make sure that military families are fairly treated. As far as employment is concerned, companies signing the Covenant pledge they’ll “strive to support the employment of Service spouses and partners”.

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