Funding boost for 25,000 service children

The MOD Education Support Fund (ESF) has just awarded £2m to schools in the UK to help mitigate the effects on service children whose parents are frequently on the move or deployed. 

The Directorate Children and Young People (DCYP) received 142 applications in the latest round, requesting just over £7 million. 

The total amount awarded was: 

  • England £1,131,747.68  
  • Scotland £373,061.00 
  • Wales £134,584.00 
  • Northern Ireland £360,607.32 

Eighty-seven applicants secured funding and this will benefit around 25,000 service children. 

The fund is open to publicly funded schools, academies and free schools in the UK attended by service children. 

To qualify, applicants had to show evidence of exceptional mobility/deployment and how the funding would help mitigate the effects on the service children and the school.  


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