Get financially fit this new year

This January and February, we’re focusing on getting your family finances in shape.

For families looking to buy their own home, we’ll be providing info on taking your first step onto the property ladder, including sharing details of schemes that can help.

We’ll be running a brief survey to find out how easy Army families find it to get advice on all things finance. We’d like to know what organisations you’ve contacted and how helpful they were, and whether you can access your unit HR to talk about entitlements.

Through #FactFriday, we’ll be giving you info about less well-known allowances you could be eligible for and helpful money facts. We will highlight Discover My Benefits as a tool for finding out about all the benefits, allowances and support available to your whole family.

We will be bringing you information on allowances when you are moving on assignment in a long-term relationship. We would also like to find out if there are any other allowances issues for those in long-term relationships.

Keep an eye on our social media for updates.

We’re here to help

We encourage you to speak to us about any issues you are having.

Check out our money webpages or get involved on social media. You can also speak to our Money & Allowances Specialist Claire Hallam on


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