AFF wins change to visa process for Army families

AFF has fought tirelessly for five years for an ‘Armed Forces’ option to be available to Foreign & Commonwealth (F&C) families when applying for a visa to enter the UK. We are now delighted to announce that this update has been made – a positive outcome for F&C families and great success for AFF.

Tackling unfair disadvantage

Since 2013, when the new Armed Forces immigration rules came into effect, all non-EEA family members of soldiers wishing to apply for a visa to enter the UK have had to use an online form.

Unfortunately, the form didn’t have an option to apply as the spouse of a soldier, which created a number of problems.

Positive financial change

This new change will make a huge difference to families, who should now find the form easier to complete and, importantly, will no longer have to pay the immigration health surcharge upfront and then wait months for a refund.

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All new visa applicants should now submit their applications via Visa4UK. To find more about visas, visit AFF’s F&C pages here.



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