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The Army is currently undertaking a review focusing on unit welfare provision in the UK. What should your unit welfare team keep doing? Are there any changes you’d like to see made?  

The review is focusing on welfare support at unit level rather than the Army Welfare Service (e.g. youth clubs) or work of the Community Support Development Workers (e.g. craft clubs).  

Survey now closed.



    I feel that there should be some provisions/duty of care provided to spouses of serving personnel when their partner is on a tour. My husband is deployed to Iraq for 6 months, due to COVID his 2 weeks R&R has been cancelled and due to self isolation his tour will be longer than expected. I am living off base and my husband deployed alone, not as part of a unit. I have had no contact from anybody from welfare or his unit until a friend who is a serving Officer asked them to contact me after which I received a letter. His camp was attacked twice during the period that he was there . I feel that even a phone call would have made all of the difference just to check if I was OK, had any questions or to give any advice. I find it quite troubling that spouses are totally ignored during this times

    Hi Zoe, thanks so much for your comments. We have fed back families’ comments regarding welfare provision, including those relating to families who don’t live on camp, and these are being considered as part of the wider Army work on welfare support.

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