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Royal British Legion Industries’ LifeWorks Families programme provides free support to help military families get the job that they want. Their career coaches are available remotely and two of AFF’s staff signed up to see how families could benefit from the service.

LifeWorks Families is available to all spouses, partners and dependants of any serving (or recently discharged) member of the British Armed Forces, including Reserves.

AFF’s Susie Lyles-Clarke said: “Anna was brilliant, with such a personable approach that enabled a really constructive dialogue.  She picked out salient points from my career history which we then explored further, and it provided great insight.

“I do come from an HR background, so I love a bit of psychometric testing but the later session I had with her focused on ‘My Career Story’; I essentially wrote my own career narrative. Although there were no surprises in what I enjoy and what I would like to pursue in the future, it was such a valuable exercise from the perspective of reaffirming this and seeking out practical ways of achieving the next step in my career. It was a big thumbs up from me!”

AFF’s Alison McLeish said: “There were no big surprises in what careers I might be suited to, but what the session did help me to understand, was why these careers appealed to me. Having that understanding has proven to be really illuminating.

“I would definitely recommend this to spouses. I chatted to Anna about the work of AFF and she ‘gets’ the military context and the unique mobility and childcare challenges that being a military spouse brings.”

To find out more and sign up, call 0800 319 6844 or see

LifeWorks Families is also continuing its free online employment support programme this autumn with virtual workshops for Armed Forces families on 27 October and 24 November.


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