Improvements to SFA estate in UK

As part of a £122m government package to improve UK Service accommodation announced in July, 3,500 SFA have been earmarked to receive upgrades, roads and street lighting will be improved and 20 older play areas will be replaced. 

Some occupied SFA will need to be surveyed to identify what work needs to be done and letters are being sent out to those families in the next few weeks.  

For more information, see & maintenance.



    This is great news. I already noticed some of the roads have been improved, this was at the beginning of Lockdown however.
    How will it be established which properties need to be upgraded as a matter as urgency?
    Will this be done by area, by how many repairs were logged at an address or is there another strategy?
    Also the parks, how do you decide and can we put in a request or will it be decided by a survey?
    Aldershot has a very poor selection of good parks on the army estates so it would be lovely if we could have a decent one such as the one on the Canal Estate on every estate.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes

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