New guidance on post-birth leave

DCGS has issued guidance to the chain of command to ensure Service personnel are able to take the required compassionate leave to support their partner when they experience post-natal difficulties.

Is the Service person entitled to leave after the birth?

Service personnel may be entitled to leave under the Armed Forces Occupational Paternity Leave Scheme. For more information, they should contact their unit admin team.

What if the Service person needs more time off work to support their partner and baby post-birth?

The Army has asked that commanders demonstrate empathy and understanding in circumstances where greater post-natal support is required. This may include instances where there have been complications during the birth, a caesarean section has been required, or pre-planned support arrangements have fallen through at short notice.

Service personnel are able to apply for two weeks’ compassionate leave in these circumstances, in addition to two weeks’ paternity leave. 

Where can we find more information about leave and support post-birth?

The leave policy is contained in JSP 760. The Army is also currently updating AGAI 81: Army Welfare Policy to reflect this guidance.



    Hello I am a private soldier my wife is expecting on 15 August 2023 under c section how much leave am I entitled too

    Hi Kelvin,

    Thank you for your comment. Please do get in touch with our employment and training specialist, Lucy, who will be best placed to advise you. Lucy can be contacted via

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