New housing contracts – apology from DIO

David Bowden, DIO’s Director of Accommodation, has apologised to Service personnel and families for the poor level of service experienced under the new accommodation contracts.

A letter sent to affected Service personnel and families, recognises the impact of the unacceptable level of service, acknowledging the disruption and inconvenience that has been experienced.

Collette Musgrave, AFF’s Chief Executive, said: “We recognise that the poor level of service is incredibly disappointing and frustrating for Army families. We have been raising their concerns at the highest levels to push for rapid and significant improvements.

“DIO may now have officially recognised the issues we have been flagging to them, but what families want to see is real and immediate improvements that deliver the service they were promised, and give them confidence that their homes are safe and secure. We hope that this acknowledgement is a first step in that direction.’’

What is AFF doing to raise families’ concerns?

AFF has been gathering evidence from families’ enquiries to us, which has allowed our Housing Specialist and Chief Executive to raise your concerns at senior meetings with the chain of command, DIO, Pinnacle, VIVO and Amey. We will continue to actively flag all emerging issues using evidence from families.

What should families do if they are experiencing issues?

If you have a repairs, maintenance or allocation issue that has not been resolved, it is key that you submit an official complaint to Pinnacle

AFF knows that there are significant issues with the complaints process, so it’s important to keep a copy of your email or take a screenshot of the submitted complaint.

If you have done this and your issue is still not resolved, or you don’t receive an acknowledgement or complaint reference number, please contact for further support.



    So we’ve had a leak stopped today after they missed 4 appointments this week to come and stop it. I had to nag them about damage and safety as it’s been leaking on an electrical terminal and dripping through the ceiling. The biggest issue now is that we have no heating, hot water and no toilets for a minimum of three days and no offer of support from Pinnacle!!!
    I’ve asked about alternative accommodation and they have told me that can’t advise and we get an answer on repairs until Monday afternoon!
    This is ridiculous and unacceptable, and unsanitary.
    Heating is always something you can bare with for a while but no toilets is scandalous.

    We contacted pinnacle because our bathroom sink is leaking, they gave us an appointment and never turned up so I contacted them again and the same thing happened, they then contacted me and said someone will be in touch but I’m still waiting! this has been leaking for a few months now and still not been fixed. Thank you.

    Hi Rachael

    If you would like AFF to investigate your issue, please raise a stage 1 complaint to Pinnacle and contact our Housing Team on – when emailing please include location, complaint reference number, photos and any relevant information that may assist the team.

    This is the exact same situation with us for our kitchen sink! Waiting for my complaint to be answered (quote 20 day response time) but still just want another appointment they’ll turn up to to fix the leaking sink!

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