NHS mental health service launches

Op COURAGE: The Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Service was launched on 4 March.

In addition to veterans, the service also caters for Service leavers and Reservists. If your soldier is about to leave the Army, and is struggling with their mental health, experiencing a mental health crisis or at risk of self-harm or suicide, they could get help through the service. For the most urgent cases, they could receive a referral the same day.

To get help you must be a resident in England and have served in the UK Armed Forces for a full day, be registered with a GP in England or be willing and eligible to register to do so and provide a military service number or another form of eligibility.

The service is the new name for the Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS); the Veterans’ Mental Health Complex Treatment Service (CTS) and the Veterans’ Mental Health High Intensity Service (HIS). The new name was developed following feedback from the Armed Forces community to make it easier for those Service leavers and veterans to get help.

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