‘No Defence for Abuse’

In 2017, AFF was invited to take part in the MOD’s Domestic Abuse (DA) workshop, which has helped to inform and develop the No Defence For Abuse, Defence DA strategy for 2018 -2023.

This strategy was recently released and outlines Defence’s responsibility around the issues and barriers associated with DA.

The strategy includes all Defence people, Regular and Reserve personnel, Service families and Defence civilians, and aims to achieve a reduction in the prevalence and impact of DA, and to support those affected by DA by protecting their safety and wellbeing.

This will be achieved through prevention, intervention and partnering with internal and external agencies and organisations.

The military context

The strategy explains what DA is, and explains the military context. It also discusses what Defence’s statutory obligation is, and what their commitments are, including:

  • Removing stigma around DA
  • Providing professional support for victims and survivors of DA
  • Chain of command dealing with DA sensitively and providing timely and appropriate support
  • Raising awareness of DA to both military and civilian managers
  • Working with external civilian organisations to raise awareness of the unique aspects of Service life
  • Working across central, local government and with the Devolved Administrations to develop joint working policies.

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For more information, click here.

Find out more about what AFF is doing to support those experiencing DA. Visit our dedicated web page here.



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