On the move – managing money

There are a range of military allowances designed to help your family with the costs of moving that you could be eligible for.

They include:

  • Disturbance Expense – if your soldier’s received a posting order to a new duty station.
  • Subsistence – to support with hotel or food costs, whilst you are without accommodation when you are moving on a posting order.
  • Refund of legal expenses – if you’re a homeowner, you could be eligible to claim back up to £5,000 when selling a home at your old duty station and buying one at the new duty station.

If you’re heading overseas on an assignment, your family will be entitled to extra allowances while you’re there. These are designed to offset some of the extra costs of living abroad as a family.

These include:

  • Local Overseas Allowance to contribute to the additional cost of day-to-day living overseas
  • Overseas Private Vehicle Provision – to help with the cost buying/selling, shipping or cancelling the lease of a car.
  • Respite Provision – to help with accommodation and travel costs when taking a break away from your duty station.

If you are moving overseas you may be able to get an advance of pay to support with costs when moving.

Eligibility to all allowances will depend on your individual circumstances and if you are in a Future Accommodation Model (FAM) pilot area, the benefits you may be eligible for will differ.

If you are unsure if you are eligible for an allowance, you can speak your unit admin team who will be able to check for you.

Further information

You can find more information on our Military Allowances webpage and the MOD booklet Guide to Expenses and Allowances for Service Personnel which explains military allowances in more detail.

Discover My Benefits is also a useful tool for more information on MOD allowances.

We would also like to find out if you’ve had trouble maintaining your credit rating when moving overseas. Let us know by filling in our short survey.

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