Preventing damp and mould in your SFA/SSFA

Whilst we are all staying at home in line with COVID-19 restrictions, it is more important than ever to keep homes well ventilated. Good ventilation is proven to help stop the spread of coronavirus and it will also help prevent damp and mould.

Condensation is a key cause of mould and damp. To help prevent condensation and to deal with mould and damp, whenever possible, windows should be opened to allow air to circulate around your home. This doesn’t mean leaving the windows open all day, but a quick blast of fresh air to air the house in the morning and evening could help considerably.

Please click here for more information on how to prevent and deal with damp and mould in your SFA/SSFA, how to report damp and mould issues and the process Amey and DIO will follow once you have reported it.

If you have ongoing concerns, please do let AFF know by emailing


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