Progress on last year: F&C

This summer we are focussing on Foreign & Commonwealth here at AFF. Throughout July and August, we’ll bring you lots of useful information, news and updates and we’ll also cast the spotlight on visas and the minimum income requirement.

You’ll remember we focussed on a monthly theme each month last year, including Foreign & Commonwealth last summer. So, what’s changed? Who did we speak to and what did we do with your engagement?

Here’s a few things we think you should know…

In 2018, our Foreign & Commonwealth enquiries from families were up 13% on 2017.

We’re really pleased that more of you feel able to approach us with your issues and concerns. Your evidence really is vital in allowing us to continue pushing for the changes you want to see, so thank you.

You mostly got in touch with us about:

  • The minimum income requirement to bring families to the UK
  • The impact of the cost of visas to remain in the UK

We’ve worked hard on your behalf to take your issues to the relevant contacts. During 2018, we’ve worked with:

  • Army HQ and Regional Command to improve the information available to families and units during service and on discharge.
  • Service charities to highlight issues faced by veteran families.
  • The Home Office to get corrections to visas and to overturn visa refusals.

Our engagement with senior command and ministers has put F&C issues at the top of the agenda at board meetings, including the Defence Select Committee, Covenant Reference Group and the Service People Policy Group. We are currently working to improve the information provision to new recruits and to those on overseas assignments. 

Information about all the topics covered last year is available on our website.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Keep an eye on our social media throughout July and August to find out what we’re currently working on. If you have a specific concern, you can contact our Foreign & Commonwealth team.

We’d love to hear your views and welcome your comments, involvement and suggestions.


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