Report focuses on listening to Service children

A new report, Listening to Learn, the Voices of Service Children, outlines the findings of a year-long collaborative project, the Year of the Service Child Voice, to which AFF contributed.

The Service Children’s Progression (SCiP) Alliance’s one-year project consisted of activities, briefings and research, highlighting Service children’s voices in education.

AFF ran a Listening to Our Service Children survey last year where we asked families to share their views on the impact of Service life on Army children and the results of the survey contributed to the project.

The Listening to Learn report outlines four principles of listening – be deliberate, open, child-centred and willing to change – and will be important reading for professionals and practitioners working with Service children.

The SCiP Alliance is led by the University of Winchester and supported by the MOD and is focused on improving the educational progression of children from UK Armed Forces and veterans’ families.

The report is available to read here.

AFF now has a new Education & Childcare Specialist, Anna Hutchinson, who is looking forward to helping families with enquiries. To contact her, email


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