Summer Army&You – Coping with a mobile life

Frequent moves are typical in the Army community, which can be an adventure with a chance to explore a new place and new opportunities. However, relocation can also present many challenges, including changing healthcare providers, securing nursery places, and children moving schools.

In this edition we explore some of these challenges and look at ways of creating stability for your children during periods of change.

We also look at what to consider if your child is in a critical year group, the appeals process if your school place application is unsuccessful and where to find information about education abroad if you are considering a posting overseas.

We also explore improvements to the allowances that are available to help when you’re relocating, as well as hearing from two families who decided to create lasting memories by travelling over land to their next posting.

For those of you who are looking for a new job, in our ‘How to’ series we look at how to cope with rejections after a job interview. 

We’ve also got Dandelions pages, full of news and reviews for the younger members of your Army family. Plus, with the chance to win a canal holiday, blogs and a postcard from Oklahoma, there’s plenty to read about in the summer edition.


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