Support for military children at school

We are often asked what support is available for Service children’s well-being at school and the best person to approach if you need extra help, for example if a parent is deployed.

Who to contact in the first instance

Let your child’s school know that they are a Service child and speak to the class teacher if you have any concerns or times coming up when a parent may be deployed or on exercise.

If you need to take the matter further, you could speak to the headteacher or a parent governor.

What about extra support?

Some schools may have an ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) who supports pupils’ emotional needs. Ask if the school has one and what provision there is for military children.

You could also suggest the following to your child’s school to help Service children:

  • Providing a welcome pack when children join in the middle of the year.
  • Lunchtime support clubs.
  • Individual time for the child to write to the deployed parent or keep a diary/scrapbook.

What if you are on an overseas posting?

MOD schools have a similar set-up, but local availability/international schools can be different, so people should contact AFF for help with this by emailing


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What our families say about AFF

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