Supporting Army families in Germany

AFF is pleased to announce that we have a new Regional Manager in Germany as from Monday 4 June 2018. Carole Rudd was previously our co-ordinator in Gutersloh, and is thoroughly versed in everything families in Germany need support with, now and in the future.

The next 16 months is a very important time for the 9,000 people that will be moving from Germany to different locations, predominantly the UK, and those Service personnel and their families will need to be supported every step of the way. AFF’s making sure we have an experienced team in place to help them through the challenging times to come.

Carole says: ‘I am thrilled and excited at being appointed as RM Germany. I anticipate a busy 16 months ahead. I have great confidence in the team and AFF Germany will continue to provide support and information to the community, continuing as the voice of the families throughout the rebasing process.’

Contact for more information, or download the Rebasing booklet.



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