Update on overseas deliveries

AFF is aware that families overseas have been having problems with failed deliveries since new international postal regulations were introduced on 1 January.

We had a meeting with the head of BFPO to raise several issues and have been reassured that BFPO is continuing to engage with online retailers. 

We have also been liaising with Amazon, who told us: “It was recently highlighted that some overseas personnel were not receiving Amazon packages due to a lack of CN22/23 customs forms.

 “The central system has been updated to enable recognition of all BF1 and BF2 postcodes and the appropriate customs forms to be included. The ongoing issues have been isolated to orders fulfilled by third-party sellers/Amazon Marketplace.

“Some sellers do not realise that a parcel with a BF1/BF2 postcode is going outside of the UK. To address this, Amazon is implementing a change in the process, which will push these sellers directly to Royal Mail/alternative carriers where the forms are available. A guide for sellers dealing with BFPO post is due to be published shortly.

“In light of these changes, we should see very few instances in the future of failed delivery.”

Click here for Amazon guidance on using BFPO addresses.

BFPO also reports seeing a steady improvement in compliant labelling of mail. For more information, click here.



    Unfortunately, it’s not just Amazon, many other retailers that used to deliver to BFPO have stopped. ( Marks and Spencer’s, Poundland online, Next ) No notice , just orders refunded. Hope this changes soon as so many of us look forward or rely on online orders for that taste or feel of “home”.

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