Work/life balance: is your family working to live, or living to work?

Do you think your soldier has a good work/life balance? How does this affect your family?

In our latest survey, we want to discover more about the barriers to a good work/life balance your family is facing, and what you feel could be done to improve things.

Share your biggest challenges

Does your soldier struggle to switch off when they come through the door? Share your experience of workloads, time away from the family and any other pressures you feel are placing undue strain on Army family life.

Your voice counts

The more feedback from families we can gather, the stronger our case to push for positive changes where needed, whether this be striving for more tolerance of family life from your soldier’s chain of command, or ensuring they are able to take the annual leave they are entitled to.

AFF will use your experience as vital evidence to highlight the current issues, as well as solutions.

The survey closed on 31 May. Thank you to everyone who took part.



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What our families say about AFF

“Your tireless campaigning on a myriad of topics has made a world of difference!”

“What an awesome organisation”

“Thank you so much Army Families Federation!”

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