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We know that families have been waiting for more news on the Future Accommodation Model (FAM), and MOD has now published details of the pilot. The way people live and work is changing and FAM reflects this, giving more choice to more Service personnel and their families over where, how and with whom you live.

Under FAM you can still select to be housed in SFA or SLA, but for the first time you can choose to live in private rental accommodation with financial support from MOD, or to buy your own home. The Army pilot of this important policy starts in Aldershot from 31 January 2020.

It’s important to know that SLA and SFA will still be available, with no SFA properties sold off because of the pilot. If you’re currently based at Aldershot, you won’t have to do anything, unless you’d like to change the way you live now.

Visit and search Future Accommodation Model to find out more.

You can also use Discover My Benefits to find out which FAM payments, allowances and support apply to you. 

AFF would encourage all families to ensure you really consider the options, taking into account what is best for your family and whether your choice is affordable in the long term.

If you have any questions, contact AFF’s Housing Specialist Cat Calder at or take a look at our FAM page.


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