Your home, your Army family

We’ll be shining a spotlight on your home and your family during the first quarter of 2022.

Look out for info on what to consider if you’ve having to leave your quarter due to a relationship breakdown, tips on how to prove you’re in a long-term relationship and quick polls to gather your views on housing issues.

With the new service contracts for SFA starting on 1 March, we’ll be looking at what to expect, what changes there will be and who to contact.

We’re hosting a question and answer session with Head of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), James Savage, on our Facebook page on 11 January at 11am so don’t forget to log on for all the latest on the new contracts.

Later in January, we will focus on who’s who in housing, and how they can help.

We’ll also be clearing up who’s responsible for what in your quarter, how move-in and out will work and what happens when the time comes to hand it back.

We’re here to help

We encourage you to speak to us about any issue you are having regarding housing. Check out our website here and look out on our social media for info and top tips.



    Will the entitlement of housing remain the same ? What will happen if someone has been trying for 2 years to get a betterment move with no luck due to issues and pandemic ? Will the 1132 form remain the same ?

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