Pet Travel to Europe after 29 March 2019

AFF has received enquiries relating to the movement of pets after Brexit. Whilst there is currently no clear outcome on the Brexit negotiations the latest advice from the Department for Environment (DEFFRA) is “you should contact your vet at least 4 months before travelling to get the latest advice.”  That’s about now!

The rules for taking your pet to any EU country will change if the UK leaves with no deal and is treated as an unlisted country – your dog, cat or ferret will need to be microchipped, vaccinated and tested for rabies before it can travel. If there is ‘no deal’, pet passports issued in the UK will not be valid for travel to EU. Read more at

In the event of the UK not being granted third country status there are several contingency steps that you could take to make sure that your pet can travel after the 29 March 2019.

It’s less complicated for those entering the UK from the EU after the 29 March 2019 as there will be no change to the current requirements, your pet will require one of the following documents:

  • An existing EU pet passport (both for UK & EU citizens)
  • The EU health certificate issued in the UK to travel to the EU
  • A UK pet health certificate (issued outside the UK for travel into the UK only).

AFF recommends that you act now and read further detailed information to be prepared for any scenario.

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