Assisted conception


01   Guidance for Forces families seeking assisted conception

NHS England has written a specific commissioning policy for Armed Forces families, living in England, outlining the pathway and criteria for you to access assisted reproduction methods such as IVF and Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

This commissioning policy helps to prevent some of the issues that couples face due to mobility and accessing treatment.

Download a copy of the application form.

Want to know more? Contact AFF Health and Additional Needs Specialist, Karen Ross at

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02   Defence Instruction Notices (DIN) Assisted Conception Services and Fertility Preservation -2021DIN01-020

It is MOD policy that, where possible, assistance should be given to enable Service personnel and their spouses, civil partners or partners to have access to assisted conception services provided by the NHS in the UK.

Defence Instruction Notices(DIN) Assisted Conception Services and Fertility Preservation -2021DIN01-020,  gives policy guidance to those seeking geographical stability when undergoing assisted conception treatment, guidance on assisted conception overseas and for those requiring fertility preservation.

If you are experiencing any problems with accessing fertility treatment or if you would like to give feedback regarding the treatment you have received, contact Karen Ross at

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03   The Defence Fertility Network

The Defence Fertility Network exists to provide individuals, couples and their civilian partners across Defence (Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Civil Servants) who are considering, are on or have been on a fertility journey a welcoming, rankless and confidential support group. It functions primarily as a private Facebook group where members can provide and receive peer support, signposting to relevant resources and the benefit of collective experience when navigating National Health Service and Ministry of Defence policies. For those who want more information (and access to support resources without having to join) they can be found on Defence Connect. The Network’s Service Leads can be emailed at

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04   IVF in the Devolved Administrations

Northern Ireland






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05   What to do if you are overseas

Germany and EJSU

Service couples living in Germany and the Netherlands and Belgium (EJSU) will not receive funding for assisted conception treatment; however there is support for fertility investigations to entitled couples.

Funding is available for surgery in Germany and EJSU to correct any anatomical abnormality that is causing the infertility. For more information on assisted conception treatment speak to your doctor.

British Forces Cyprus (BFC)

BFC does not fund assisted conception treatment but will fund fertility investigations up to the point of diagnosis. If you require assisted conception treatment, they will advise you to return to the UK. For more information, speak to your doctor.

Other overseas postings

You are not advised to have IVF or other infertility treatment in any other overseas bases because treatment cannot be quality assured or regulated in line with national UK guidelines.

If you are considering having treatment overseas, visit the Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority (HFEA) website for more information and guidance.

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