AFF supports the whole Army family

AFF was recently invited to present to new recruits and support staff at the Training Centre Pirbright during a charity briefing day. The aim was to raise awareness of what AFF does and how we can help personnel and their families as they embark on their Service journey.

CSjt Jackson, RIFLES, Army Training Centre Pirbright said: “I loved the presentation, my preconception of the Army Families Federation is that they would only help those who live in married quarters – my epiphany moment is when the AFF team explained that all soldiers and officers are a part of that green family. Whether they are married, single, unaccompanied or living in their own home, be that having served two months or 20 years. AFF is there to help everyone for their whole Service life.”

If you would be interested in hearing about how AFF could further support you, your family or the serving personnel that you work alongside, please email to organise a brief.


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What our families say about AFF

“I truly appreciate the work that you all do.”

“Thank you for all the guidance and support. You have been amazing.”

“Your professionalism in this matter was more than welcoming”

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