Home Office announcement on Minimum Income Requirement

The Home Office has just announced changes to UK Immigration Rules. From 11 April 2024 Regular Armed Forces personnel who wish to sponsor a visa for an eligible partner or children to enter and remain in the UK, will need to show they meet a Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) of £23,496.

AFF had raised concerns about the increase in the MIR to £29,000 and then £38,700, which was announced last year, and had been seeking assurances that the contribution of personnel serving in the UK Armed Forces would be recognised when finalising these rules.

Chief Executive Collette Musgrave said: “We are pleased that the unique circumstances of Armed Forces personnel have been considered. The planned rises were well above a starting salary for a trained soldier and it would have taken them many years to reach the requirement.  We were concerned that personnel who are contributing to the defence of the United Kingdom would not have been able to have their spouses and children join them here while they serve.”

Unlike the previous MIR (£18,600 for a partner, £22,400 for a partner and one child, and a further £2,400 for each additional child sponsored) there is no longer a separate income requirement to sponsor visas for children. Therefore, the MIR will be the same regardless of the number of children you are bringing to the UK.

Transitional arrangements

There are transitional arrangements for those who already have leave to enter or remain before 11 April, or who have applied for it (and are being granted), who have already met the MIR. This will ensure that they are not disadvantaged by having to meet the new MIR. 

Where they would be disadvantaged, where the MIR would exceed £23,496 due to there being more than one child in the family, the applicant will only need to provide evidence of the new MIR of £23,496.

Download a list of questions and answers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email fcsupport@aff.org.uk


I feel more confident following the information you've given me


    The Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) of 23,460 is indeed a source of encouragement. My brother recently enlisted in the Army, leaving his wife and child in their home country. The prospect of elevating the MIR to 38,700 seemed unattainable, particularly given that a new recruit in the Army typically earns only 18,000.

    This is so encouraging, because I was at crosswroad before, choosing between my family and my job.

    I personally say that am quite relieved by this fantastic piece of information cause my mind & heart can be sured that I will finally be able to bring my family over.
    Thank you AAF your representation is 100%.

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