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This posting, unlike those in the WSBA and ESBA, is not supported in the same way by British Forces Cyprus and its Sovereign Base Areas Administration.

The families live on the British Retained Site at United Nations Protected Area (UNPA) Nicosia.

The British military personnel serving there for a two-year posting are either working in roles supporting the United Nations staff working in Blue Beret Camp on the UNPA Nicosia or are there in a supportive role for the British contingent personnel on a two-year posting or those unaccompanied British serving personnel on six-month UN tour in support of the UN mission. Those are generally based in Ledra Palace or Blue Beret Camp.


01   Housing

Accommodation is generally four-bedroom bungalows with large gardens. Please contact Nicosia HIVE for further information on housing. Housing applications are made via a manual completion of the e1132 housing application and forwarded to the housing team in Nicosia.

Houses come fully furnished with military furniture as standard although you can return items to storage if not required. Some have air conditioning installed or you can pay to have this professionally installed when you arrive.

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02   Facilities

As a small community there are limited facilities, but families do have access to a large swimming pool, a combined mess, HIVE, library and small Forces Store shop.

The main gate of camp is a short drive but it is generally not advisable to walk, especially in the high temperatures. The climate in Nicosia is very hot in comparison to the coastal areas and can reach 40 degrees-plus during July and August. Please bear this in mind if bringing out young children.

This posting could be deemed quite isolating if you are unable to drive to access other facilities such as supermarkets, restaurants, schools, nurseries and hospitals.

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03   Schooling

Please review the following list and contact the UK Education Advisory Team (UK EAT) for up-to-date inspection reports from the Global Education Team. This includes nursery and primary school options. Secondary school-aged children must attend King Richard School in Dhekelia and a bus with escort is supplied for this purpose. If you chose Queen Berengaria School, your children will also be able to use the bus service.

Please also note that the school day in Cyprus starts much earlier and finishes earlier than the UK.

American Academy, pre-school and primary
The Junior School, primary
Pascal, pre-school and primary
The Giving Tree, nursery
Queen Berengaria School (Dhekelia and Ayios Nikolaos)
King Richard Dhekelia, secondary

If your children are due to be in the critical exam years of education before leaving your posting please contact the UK Education Advisory Team (UK EAT) on to discuss your options, as retention in post for these purposes is not within policy in Cyprus.

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04   Medical care

Routine medical supportability checks will be carried out on all dependants pre-assignment, to ensure any pre-existing conditions can be treated and medications/prescriptions required can be accessed.

There is currently provision of an English speaking civilian GP for appointments within the camp. Any secondary healthcare provision and dental provision is delivered under contract via Healix and outsourced to private clinics and the hospital in Nicosia. (It’s advisable to get authority for treatment through Healix before incurring costs yourself.)

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05   Alternative allowances

There are, as mentioned above, two types of personnel contracts for those serving here, either UN supported or British contingent. The allowances available differ for each.

Those on British contingent contracts are entitled to Local Overseas Allowance (LOA), the same as those stationed under BFC. Please see JSP 752 for explanations of these allowances and speak to your unit admin for up-to-date rates for your family’s situation.

Those under the UN contract do not receive LOA but will receive a UN payment in euros each month. Please contact the career manager/desk officer for details of this.

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