Guidance on working remotely overseas

Military spouses and partners have contacted us this year about the difficulties they have had accessing information and support on working remotely for a UK-based company while accompanying their soldier on an overseas assignment.

AFF has raised these issues with the chain of command and the MOD during the year, and will do again in January 2022 when our Overseas Survey is published. In the meantime, we have obtained some interim guidance, which will also come down the chain of command.

“Families have highlighted to us that spousal employment is a key issue. We have seen increasing enquiries from spouses wishing to work remotely for a UK company whilst overseas who want to understand whether there are any tax implications and also how this might affect their dependency status whilst overseas,” says Michelle Alston, AFF Policy & Research Director. “It is important that spouses and partners have this information to make informed decisions about their employment and we will continue to engage with the Army and MOD to ensure that families receive this support.”

Your evidence is key

The MOD has asked that if Army spouses or partners who are currently or due to be assigned overseas experience difficulties working remotely, they should make their chain of command aware of these issues. Please also contact to allow us to collate the relevant evidence.



    Well done for looking at this issue. Both the SOFA and the guidance for working spouses are seriously out of date. The status quo unfairly impacts working women. Spouses should be reaping the benefits of being able to work and be a service spouse.

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